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Rely on us for subdivision development services in Novi, MI

Finding the right builder for your construction project is crucial. Based in Novi, MI, Zeronaire, LLC is prepared to help you with any size project. Offering everything from individual home building to subdivision development services, we're here to help you.

Making Novi, MI more efficient since 2016

Using structure-insulated panels (SIP), our builder will work to make your property as efficient as possible. These panels work to reduce the loss of energy through your walls by increasing the barrier between your heated and cooling air and the outside world.

If you're interested in learning more about our energy-efficient subdivision development services, call 248-687-9935 today. You can speak directly with our general contractor.

When should you contact our contractor?

Any type of building project requires special skills, so you want to make sure you have the right team on the job.

You should reach out to our general contractor if...

You want to build a new home in Novi, MI.
You're interested in developing a subdivision.
You'd like to build new commercial properties.
You're creating a long-term construction plan for your area.

With more than a dozen team members on our staff, we can handle projects both big and small. Talk to us about your ideas.